Jesse Q

Adapting and simplifying the original science-fiction RPG to be a western. Not an original notion, but this is my take.
Retro near-future dystopian fun for Little Scratches
Kung fu action. Take on crowds! Learn new techniques! Be awesome!
I think this might be a parody? Or maybe satire.
The Little Scratches expansion for a team of covert operative specialists.
80s tabloids for Little Scratches. Psychics! Aliens! Elvis!
Swashbuckling expansion for Little Scratches. Pirates! Musketeers! Masked brigands!
Role Playing
A film noir expansion on a business card for Little Scratches. What's in your flask?
The first expansion for Little Scratches. It's a western! there's a playlist! Drunk.
I will not claim sobriety while writing this tiny, traditional (not OSR), flexible RPG.

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